Student Housing in Portugal: Finding Accommodation for University Students

1 de July, 2024

Student Housing in Portugal: Finding Accommodation for University Students

Looking for university accommodation in Portugal? Learn how to find the ideal student housing for you!
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Are you looking for student housing in Portugal? Studying in Portugal is an enriching experience, attracting an increasing number of young foreigners each year. The country boasts renowned universities, affordable costs, and a welcoming environment, making it a preferred destination for many seeking quality education. We understand that being accepted into a good institution is crucial, but finding the perfect place to stay can significantly impact your personal student experience.

In this article, we will guide you on how to find the ideal student accommodation. Discover all the options, from public to private accommodations, including the possibility of renting an apartment and sharing it (or not) with colleagues. Whether you are looking for a quiet environment focused on studies or a place to build lasting friendships, we have all the necessary information here.

Get ready to find the home that will make you feel at ease while pursuing your studies in Portugal. Shall we start this amazing journey together?

What is University Housing?

University housing refers to accommodations intended for students who need to live close to their educational institutions. These have existed for centuries in Europe (possibly since the Middle Ages) to house students from low-income families who had to move to study in other cities.

Today, university residences provide students with a safe, comfortable environment conducive to social interaction and integration, while also facilitating access to university resources.

University accommodations play a crucial role in society by facilitating access to higher education. They not only provide affordable housing but also help integrate students, contributing to regional development and cultural diversity.

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Types of University Accommodation: Public or Private

These residences can be:

  • Public and managed by the universities or polytechnic institutes themselves.
  • Private and managed by private operators.

Additionally, there are accommodation options ranging from individual to shared rooms, with common areas such as kitchens and study rooms. The services offered also vary but may include meals, laundry, internet, study rooms, libraries, gyms, and even leisure and cultural activities.

An important detail: just as public universities are not free, their residences are not either.

Who is Eligible for University Accommodation in Portugal?

National and international students, whether undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral, exchange students, as well as researchers and professors. Especially those who are far from their family due to distance or transportation difficulties.

In the case of public residences, priority is generally given to scholarship students and those with greater socioeconomic needs.

How to Get a Student Housing Spot in Portugal?

For institutions linked to universities, students must apply through the Social Action Services of the institution where they are enrolled. The process usually involves presenting documents proving financial status and the need for accommodation, such as the student’s income statement. Securing a spot is more difficult and bureaucratic, as these spots are primarily intended for students with fewer financial resources.

In private establishments, access to residences is easier, usually done through online reservation, subject to availability, with a contract signed for periods (semester or annual).

Where is Student Housing Available in Portugal?

Throughout the country, there are various university residences, with a higher concentration in cities with a strong university tradition such as Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Aveiro, and Faro. Also, read our article about the best universities in Portugal.

  • Coimbra: Known for its academic tradition, it offers several options for both public and private residences.
  • Faro: Home to the University of Algarve, it has several suitable student residences.
  • Porto: The University of Porto offers multiple residences spread across its three campuses.
  • Lisbon: With a vast offering, including new constructions, Lisbon is a major destination for international students.
  • Aveiro: Known for its innovation, the University of Aveiro offers good residence options.

Private Residences in Portugal

Below are some companies where you can make your online reservation for student housing, both individual and collective, as well as the cities where they operate.

  • Uniplaces (Uniresidences): Accommodation portal with opportunities in various cities in Portugal. Read here about how accommodation with Uniplaces works. Get a 15% discount on service fees using the promo code UP15ATLANTICBRIDGE when closing your contract.
  • Flatio.com: Similar to Uniplaces, Flatio is also an accommodation portal with a wide offer throughout the country.
  • Collegiate AC: Offers luxury rooms for students in Portugal, with studio and shared apartment options. Their accommodations are available in Lisbon and Porto, providing a modern and comfortable environment for students.
  • Nido Living: With offerings in Spain, Denmark, the UK, Ireland, and Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), it offers luxury rooms with private bathrooms, access to gyms, laundries, study rooms, and full student infrastructure.
  • LivStudent: Luxury university residences, similar to hotels, with pools, gyms, restaurants, 24-hour reception, WiFi, CCTV. In Portugal, it is only available in Porto.
  • StudentVille: Provides modern and equipped accommodations for students in Coimbra and Lisbon. Their residences include options for individual and shared rooms, with various amenities such as study areas, gyms, and social spaces.
  • Student Room Flat.com: Offers accommodation in several European cities. In Portugal, there is housing in Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto.
  • Livensa Living: Offers accommodation in Spain and Portugal (Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto). Their accommodations include studios and shared apartments, equipped with modern amenities such as gyms, study rooms, social areas, and event spaces, providing a comfortable and secure environment for students.

How Much Does University Accommodation Cost?

The costs of university accommodation in Portugal can vary greatly depending on the city, the type of accommodation, and whether the residence is public or private.

On average, prices can range from 100 to 400 euros per month for public residences. Private residences can cost between 300 to 1,000 euros per month. Students with scholarships have priority and, in some cases, may have subsidized accommodation. See more details:

Private Residences

ProviderRoom TypeCityPrice
UniplacesSingleLisbon€450 – €700
FlatioSinglePorto€350 – €600
FlatioDoubleCoimbra€400 – €700
Student Room FlatSingleCoimbra€300 – €400
Student Room FlatSingleLisbon€450 – €600
Livensa LivingSinglePorto€600 – €700
Nido AsprelaSinglePorto€600 – €700

Public University Residences

Here are the monthly rates for public residences at some of the main universities in Portugal:

UniversityRoom TypePrice
University of LisbonIndividual Room€230
Shared Room (per bed)€155 – €200
T1 (1-2 people)€700
T3 (3-4 people)€1,400
University of PortoIndividual Room€237 – €394
Double Room (per person)€177 – €354
Double Room (for couple)€323
Couple Suite€354 – €394
University of CoimbraShared Room€82 – €124
Individual Room€142 – €188
T0€362 – €465
T1 and T2€465
University of AlgarveShared Room€135
Individual Room€190
University of AveiroShared Room€125- €300
Individual Room€350

Advantages of University Accommodation

University accommodations offer several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Generally cheaper than renting an apartment.
  • Location: Proximity to universities.
  • Student Environment: Facilitates integration and socialization.
  • Security: Constant monitoring and house rules.

Where to Find University Accommodation in Portugal?

The main university centers such as Coimbra, Faro, Porto, Lisbon, and Aveiro have a wide range of student housing. Universities provide information about their residences through the Social Action Services (SAS). Additionally, various online platforms also offer lists of private residences and other accommodation options.

University Housing as an Investment Model

Investing in university accommodations in Portugal is a promising opportunity. With the constant increase in the number of students, both national and international, there is a growing demand for quality housing.

Furthermore, a recent study pointed out Lisbon as the 8th most interesting city to invest in student residences. The research considered 40 European cities in terms of student demand for residence offerings and their development potential, market maturity, operational performance, affordability, and energy efficiency of the existing stock.

For instance, the number of university students in Portugal grew by 83% between the academic years 2016/2017 and 2022/2023. In the segment of international students, the growth rate was 100%! Lisbon currently has a university population of about 170,000 students. The demand for student residences continues to far exceed the existing supply.

The student housing market is increasingly attracting investors, with several new projects under construction. The investment opportunity is estimated at €450 billion (at a European level), 34 times more than the European annual real estate investment record observed in 2022, as reported by Público newspaper.

Come Experience Living in Portugal!

Living in a university residence in Portugal offers a highly enriching experience for students, allowing them to develop their autonomy, independence, and responsibility, as well as to make new friendships and broaden their horizons.

Atlantic Bridge is here to help. We offer comprehensive student visa services, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to your new chapter in Portugal. Contact us to turn your dreams into reality!

Silvia Resende


Silvia Resende

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