Why Hire a Real Estate Consultancy?

4 de August, 2018

Why Hire a Real Estate Consultancy?

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The traditional purchase of real estate involves a pilgrimage through many properties with dozens of brokers until you find the ideal property.

This work model has some structural flaws that prevent the buyer from doing the best business safely and calmly.

When we look for the place where we have lived for many years, we have enough time and knowledge to overcome these deficiencies. When we arrive at a new place we are not familiar with, we need someone we can count on on on our side at the negotiating table.

In this context, we present the main reasons for hiring a real estate consultant to represent you in the acquisition at a place you have never lived:

1. property is the most important consumption and investment decision of your life

Although Portugal has very attractive prices by Brazilian standards, still the property will always represent a relevant amount that has a decisive impact on the financial life of your family. We are talking about tens or hundreds of thousands of euros in a single decision that cannot be wrong.

Having a real estate specialist with extensive experience by your side will avoid mistakes that can be costly to your financial life.

2. Acquiring property in Portugal is different from Brazil

Despite the proximity of the language, the Portuguese market is a very different real estate market. The finishing and material requirements are higher than in Brazil. On the other hand, there is a huge stock of properties built before the European Union that are unsuitable for comfortable housing.

The Portuguese language values some architecture, layout and equipment components that are different from the Brazilian preferences. Ignoring these preferences in purchasing is having a property that is difficult to resell and that will tend to depreciate.

Local customs determine preferences for locations in a different way than Brazil, which can lead to errors in the places to buy.

A specialist who knows local preferences makes it possible to buy the right property, with the right materials, finishes, facilities and location to provide the security of appreciation and liquidity.

3. Independence

Hiring a real estate consultant is to align the interests with someone who will bring all the good opportunities, regardless of where you find them, and who will point out frankly the strengths and weaknesses of the selected properties, increasing the security in acquiring the best property for your needs.

Why Hire Atlantic Bridge?

We are ready to meet your needs at every stage of the procurement process in Portugal. From identifying the ideal property for your specific needs, be it investment or housing, to obtaining financing, to legal advice for a safe purchase or even any need for renovation or construction.

Our team brings together theory obtained in first class schools with the practice gained in a decade of performance in the largest and best companies in the Brazilian real estate market.

In addition to consultants, we are investors and entrepreneurs in the Portuguese market. We are in daily contact with the main players in the local market to understand the trends of development and appreciation of each region.

Finally, we also have our own real estate valuation methodology that considerably increases the success rate in identifying the best deals for those who want a home ownership or an investment with superior returns.

Author: Marcio Fenelon
Real Estate Investment

*The information contained in this Article shall be provided in a general and abstract manner and shall not replace consultation and qualified professional assistance addressed to the specific case. The content of this article may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the express permission of the author.

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