Advantages of Studying in Portugal with Portuguese Citizenship

28 de April, 2022

Advantages of Studying in Portugal with Portuguese Citizenship

Existem vantagens de estudar em Portugal com cidadania portuguesa?
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Nowadays, studying in Portugal is part of the plans of many Brazilians who come to the country every year to study for a degree or do a postgraduate course. But have you ever stopped to think that there are advantages of studying in Portugal with Portuguese citizenship?

Certainly, there are many of them. Follow this article to find out what are the main benefits of studying in the country as a national student.

Does studying in Portugal with Portuguese citizenship have advantages?

Yes, there are many advantages, and in this article we will tell you the main ones, which I will mention in advance: paying lower prices for courses, having more possibilities of getting a place in a university accommodation, besides the chance of being able to apply for scholarships.

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How is graduation for those with Portuguese citizenship?

To study a degree in Portugal with Portuguese citizenship, you must take the National Competition for Access to Higher Education. The competition is similar to the vestibular in Brazil, and this way you will compete for a place with Portuguese students.

If you have Portuguese citizenship, this is the only way to do undergraduate studies in Portugal. In these cases, you cannot apply as a Brazilian student and use the Enem score.

It is true that you may need to prepare in advance to take the exam, which takes place every year, since you did not attend secondary school in Portugal.

But it’s worth it, as once you’ve been approved, you can enter a Portuguese university and enjoy all the advantages a Portuguese student is entitled to.

Now let’s look at the advantages of studying in Portugal with Portuguese citizenship:

Tuition fees are cheaper

Tuition fees, the annual amount paid to Portuguese universities (both public and private), are much cheaper for national students. This is one of the biggest advantages, as the amounts can be very different indeed.

To give you just an idea of this , see the fees charged by some universities today.

CourseUniversityStudent with Portuguese citizenshipInternational student
LawUniversity of Porto697€1,925 (CPLP)
DesignUniversity of Lisbon697€7.000€
PsychologyUniversity of Aveiro697€4.000€

Note: to demonstrate the cost of undergraduate tuition fees, we have considered the amounts charged to CPLP students, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, in which Brazilian students are included – at the universities that offer them.

Not all universities have these differentiated values, but it is worth keeping an eye out because the tuition fees for CPLP have great discounts, being an intermediate value between what is charged for national and international students.

Check everything you need to know to study law in Portugal.

National students are more likely to get university accommodation

If you want to get a place in a university accommodation, having Portuguese nationality can also be a great advantage. This is because there are universities that have places exclusively for Portuguese students or that prioritise national students.

This way, you will be able to apply for more vacancies and you will have more chances to get accommodation at the university. Besides the advantages of proximity to the university and the services offered, living in an accommodation is usually much cheaper than renting a flat or even a room in a shared flat, and you will also have more contact with other Portuguese students.

The number of places is not limited

This is another advantage of applying as a Portuguese student. In Portuguese universities, places for foreign students are limited, and this can make the course more competitive.

According to the rules of the International Student Statute, the number of places for international students is fixed annually. For the academic year 2022/2023, according to the dispatch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the number of places reserved for foreigners cannot exceed 30%.

Therefore, being a Portuguese student you will be entitled to apply for most of the places. That’s quite an advantage, isn’t it!

Apply for scholarships

The General Directorate of Higher Education has a scholarship programme for students with financial difficulties and many universities also offer support of this kind.

Some scholarship programmes are exclusive to Portuguese or European students. Therefore, if you have Portuguese nationality you can apply to apply for a scholarship to finance the costs of your degree.

Only European citizens can enter the Medicine course

Studying medicine in Portugal is a right reserved for European students (at least for now), and for Brazilians only in the following situations:

If you have Portuguese or other European citizenship;
If you have the Statute of Equal Rights and Duties;
If you have been living in Portugal for at least two uninterrupted years.
Here is another explanation: the same rule exists for those who intend to study Dentistry in Portugal.

Therefore, if you plan to do your undergraduate studies in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine in Portugal, having Portuguese nationality is an advantage once again!

Advantages of Portuguese citizenship to enter post-graduate studies

Those who wish to do a postgraduate course in Portugal will also enjoy the benefits of having Portuguese citizenship.

With regard to admission to the master’s and doctorate courses, there are not so many differences, since the selection process is the same for national and international students. But there are still other advantages. See what they are:

Masters is cheaper

As with undergraduate courses, a master’s tuition fees are cheaper for domestic students. Therefore, by taking a master’s degree in Portugal, you will be able to pay the lowest fees for your chosen course.

Check now the tuition fees of some masters’ courses in Portugal:

CourseUniversityStudent with Portuguese citizenshipInternational student
EconomyUniversity of Porto1.500€2,750 (CPLP)
SociologyUniversity of Coimbra1.063€7.000€
MarketingUniversity of Aveiro1.000€4.000€

Regarding the PhD in Portugal, not all universities charge different fees for national and international students. But, if your university makes this difference in prices, you will also pay the lower amount, referring to Portuguese students.

The number of vacancies is higher

For postgraduate courses, there are usually more places available for international students. In some institutions, it is possible to apply for any course that has open places.

In recent years, foreign students already account for more than 20% of postgraduate students in Portugal, which further encourages the increase in the number of places.

Is it worth applying for Portuguese citizenship to study in Portugal?

Yes! If you intend to study in Portugal and are entitled to apply for Portuguese citizenship, it is worth it. As you have seen throughout this article, students can enjoy many advantages for being nationals.

From the financial advantages (such as lower tuition fees and scholarships), to more places for courses and university accommodation. Not to mention the ease of documentation, as the bureaucracy is much less and you won’t need to apply for a student visa for Portugal.

So start planning: get your Portuguese citizenship and, when you have your passport in hand, go in search of your chosen course. We wish you good luck and good studies!

Article by Tié Lenzi originally published on the Eurodicas website.



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