Comparison Digital Nomad Visa Spain or Portugal: Which is Better?

Digital Nomade com computador ao colo na praia

Digital Nomad Visa Spain or Portugal? See the comparison here. What is the difference between the requirements? We compare the Digital Nomad Visa Spain vs. Digital Nomad Visa Portugal: financial requirements, family reunification, demands… Which is the best permit for remote work? Find out!

Change in Italian Citizenship Law

Passaporte italiano e cenário de Veneza: saiba quais as mudanças na lei da cidadania italiana

Learn how the change in the Italian citizenship law could end the chances for many descendants. What does the new law proposed in 2024 say?

Major Cities in Italy

Milão: uma das principais cidades da Itália

Discover the main cities of Italy: the most populous, the most touristic, and those with the highest quality of life. Choose your favorite!