The Six Best Cities to Live in Portugal

14 de June, 2019

The Six Best Cities to Live in Portugal

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One of the favorite destinations for Brazilians, Portugal is also one of the most chosen countries when it comes to living abroad. With that in mind, Remessa Online has prepared an article with the seven best cities to live in Portugal! If you have many questions, click here to talk to a specialist now.

Why do Brazilians choose to live in Portugal?

In 2017, around 85,500 Brazilian citizens lived in Portugal. The decision to live in the country goes far beyond the similarity with the language, since the climate, the cost of living and employment opportunities for foreigners attract not only Brazilians, but people from all over the world.

A list released by the 2017 Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum Report (RIFA) shows that the top ten nationalities present in Portugal are from:

  1. Brazil
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Ukraine
  4. Romania
  5. China
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Angola
  8. France
  9. Guinea-Bissau
  10. Italy

Also in this report, it was revealed that around 68% of foreigners live in Lisbon, Faro and Setúbal.

Get to know these and other cities to live in Portugal now!

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Favorite of the public from 18 to 40 years old, the Portuguese capital is the largest city in the country and has great job opportunities, besides having several cultural and artistic attractions.

In addition to the strong cultural presence, the strong points of this city are education, safety and health. Public transportation is also of great quality, often excluding the need to rent or own a car.

Recommended neighborhoods to live in: Belém, Campo de Ourique, Chiado, Parque das Nações and Alfama.


To live in Portugal, mainly in the Algarve region, where Faro is located, is to live with long summers, calm beaches and Mediterranean climate.

As it is home to one of the largest airports in the country, Faro is considered a gateway to the region and a tourist centre. Also because of this, the biggest employment opportunities in this city are linked to tourism, especially in hotels, bars and restaurants.

Despite having a high age group population, receiving awards as the best city to retire in Portugal, the city also houses several students, since it is home to the University Algarve, one of the most requested in Portugal!


For those who want to save a little but don’t give up living or working in Lisbon, Setúbal is a great option. About 50 km from the capital, the region has strong port activity and has strengthened its infrastructure in recent years, especially in the areas of education and health.

To travel between the cities, the resident will cross the famous 25 de Abril Bridge daily, taking an average of 50 minutes to travel the route.

The cost of living in each neighborhood of Setúbal does not vary as much, but Monte Belo is considered the site with the largest infrastructure and newest buildings, increasing the value of rent.

Consider living in Bonfim, Pinheirinhos or Terroa, more accessible and equally pleasant areas!


A cultural and gastronomic center, the city of Porto enchants with its architecture and fantastic landscapes. Its location close to the beaches can be a great attraction, despite the high cost of renting in the city.

The high cost of living in the city is due to the fact that it receives many tourists, which also generates traffic and even scarcity of places to rent.

The most wanted places to live in the city are: Bonfim, São Nicolau, Ribeira, Aldoar and Cedofeita.


A historically university city, Coimbra is one of the most important cities in Portugal for its infrastructure and organization. It is stipulated that about 25% of the population study at the University of Coimbra, founded in 1290 and older in the country.

With a very strong employment hub in industrial areas, technology services and health care, the city is considered one of the best places to live in Portugal and one of the closest to the climate of certain regions of Brazil, mainly for its proximity to mountains and the sea.

The best neighbourhoods to live in Coimbra are Vale das Flores, Solum and Santa Clara.


A village located in the metropolitan area near Lisbon, Sintra is also a “dormitory” city, similar to Setúbal. With a distance of 30km from the capital, the train journey between the two cities takes about 40 minutes.

The atmosphere of the city mixes the historic center that seems frozen in time with technological advances that place the city in the highest rankings of health development and education in the country.

The most classic districts of the city are Linhó, Portela de Sintra, Abrunheira, Albarraque, Alcabideche and Fitares.

Were you even more excited to live in Portugal? Be sure to search for more information, such as the best sites to find work in the country, the areas that hire immigrants and the documentation needed to live in the country!

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