Portugal Job Seeker Visa: How it Works?

27 de October, 2022

Portugal Job Seeker Visa: How it Works?

The Job Seeker Visa in Portugal is aimed at those who wish to come to the country in search of employment.
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The dream of moving to Portugal to live and work in the country is becoming increasingly accessible. Portugal already has a new visa for workers from outside the European Union who wish to come to the country to seek employment. Those who get a work contract within the validity period of the visa can apply for a residence permit to live legally in the country. The measure aims to meet the demand for labor that currently exists in Lusitanian territory, especially in the hotel, restaurant (restaurants and cafes), construction, and information technology (IT) sectors. Learn here the rules of the new visa for looking for work in Portugal.

New Visa for Job Seekers

What is the Visa for Job Seekers in Portugal?

This is a visa recently created by the Portuguese government that allows foreigners from outside the EU to enter the country with the intention of seeking employment and allows the exercise of dependent employment until the expiration of the visa or until the residence permit is granted.

What is the validity of the visa?

The new visa allows 1 entry into Portugal. It is valid for 120 days, which can be extended for another 60 days. The bearer of the document who does not get a job must, obligatorily, leave the country at the end of the term.

Main requirements*

  • The visa applicant must not have any restrictions on entering a European Union (EU) member state, nor have been convicted of any crime in Portugal that carries a sentence of more than one year;
  • You must present your return ticket to your home country to enter Portugal;
  • Health insurance covering the period of stay in the country is required;
  • Your applicant must prove that he or she has at least 3 times the Portuguese minimum wage (3 x 705 = 2115 Euros);
  • The visa holder must provide proof of lodging in the country;
  • You must also formalize your application for employment with the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), indicating your academic qualifications and professional experience
*See the end of this article for special conditions for CPLP countries.

Do you want to live in Europe?

Realizing your goal of living in Europe or obtaining European citizenship can be simpler than you think. We offer personalized support to make the immigration process more accessible and uncomplicated.

Are there alternatives to proving means of subsistence?

Yes, for those who cannot prove income, a possible alternative is to present a term of responsibility signed by a Portuguese or foreign citizen who has a residence permit (RA). This person must have the above-mentioned means of subsistence and will be responsible for paying the costs of fines and leaving the country, should the guest stay illegally in Portugal.

Does the visa allow me to seek employment in other European countries?

No. The new visa for seeking work only authorizes the stay in Portugal. In other words, the foreigner cannot move around the EU with this visa in search of job opportunities in other countries. Holders can only enter Portuguese territory once, which means that it will not be possible to travel abroad during the initial 120-day period or the remaining 60 days, if an extension is requested.

Can I apply for a visa for my family?

The new regulation does not foresee family reunification. Only after getting a subordinate job (contract) and acquiring his/her Residence Permit will the applicant be able to apply for family reunion to bring his/her family to live in Portugal.

Pre-scheduling at SEF

Along with the issuing of the Visa, a pre-schedule will be made at SEF for the presentation of the work contract at the end of the 120 days (legal deadline) and the granting of the residence permit.

What is the price of the visa?

The fees associated with the visa application have not been disclosed at this time. The fee will be available soon on the VFS website.

Can the visa be renewed?

Yes, the initial validity of the visa is 120 days (4 months), and it is possible to apply for an extension of 60 days (2 months).

At the end of the term, is it possible to apply for another visa the same way?

No. If you fail to establish an employment relationship within the maximum period, you must leave the country and you can only apply for a new visa for this purpose 1 year after the expiration of the previous visa.

Foreigner’s Act: main changes

The Foreigner’s Act is a 2007 law that approves the legal regime for the entry, stay, exit and removal of foreigners from Portuguese territory. Its ninth amendment was published on August 25, 2022, and the changes will come into effect as of October 30.

Remote Working Visa

Besides the creation of the visa to look for work in Portugal, the law brings other news. One of them is the digital nomad visa, an old demand that has been growing with the increase in the volume of professionals who develop their activities remotely.

Learn all about the Digital Nomad Visa

End of the global foreign quota

Another piece of good news is the end of the global foreigner quota, which determined a maximum number of vacancies that could be filled by non-Portuguese nationals. The rule limited the issuing of visas for subordinate work in the country and now no longer exists.

Visa Facilitated Study

There are also facilities foreseen for students who wish to enter higher education in Portugal. From now on, the prior opinion of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is no longer necessary to issue study visas. It will be enough for the student to prove that he is enrolled in a university in Portugal to make the request. The measure should reduce the visa waiting time.

CPLP Countries

According to the new law, visas will now be granted to nationals of member states of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

Visas will only be denied to applicants who are identified in the Schengen Information System (SIS) as being subject to an alert for the purpose of return or an alert for the purpose of refusing entry and stay. The CPLP is made up of Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Timor-Leste.

In addition, for this group, the issuance of visas should be facilitated, inasmuch as they are exempt from having to present Travel Insurance, Means of Subsistence, and Return Permit, as long as they present a Term of Responsibility signed by a Portuguese citizen or legal resident in Portugal, which guarantees food and lodging, as well as repatriation costs, in the case of an irregular stay.

As the change in the law is very recent, it is still necessary to wait to see how it will be interpreted in practice, since some of its new features conflict with the positioning of the immigration bodies. No details are yet known about which types of visas would be included in the CPLP visa, but it is possible that it will apply to all types of visas for Portugal.

In a few days Atlantic Bridge will be offering advice in obtaining this new visa. If you are interested, talk to our consultants.



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