Digital Nomad: Complete Guide to Porto and Lisbon

15 de March, 2022

Digital Nomad: Complete Guide to Porto and Lisbon

Portugal is a popular destination among digital nomads, voted the best country for remote work by Momondo and Expat Insider.
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Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads. It was voted the best country in the world for remote work by Momondo. Many of its cities list among the favourites of users of the social network Nomad List. It is the best destination in Europe for digital nomads according to Expat Insider. It even has a Nomad Village in the middle of Madeira Island, totally designed for this public. Porto and Lisbon, the largest urban centres in the country, are adapting to the new trends. Every day they gain more coworking spaces that offer many resources, amenities and a variety of networking events to integrate digital nomads.

Porto or Lisbon? Where to work remotely?

Difficult decision! The social network Nomad List brings Lisbon as the second favourite city of its users. Porto comes in fifth place.
This guide will help you decide which destination is best suited to your lifestyle. Find here some practical advice on where to live and work in the two most famous cities of Portugal.

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Internet Quality

Porto and Lisbon have a fast and stable connection. Most places have a very good Wi-Fi connection. If your work depends on the internet, like many other digital nomads, you won’t have many problems.


Portugal has one of the lowest levels of violence in Europe, according to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Therefore, regardless of the city you choose, the safety criteria will be guaranteed. You can walk peacefully in the street at night, use public transport without fear and leave your belongings on the sand on the beach while you take a dip in the sea. However, the district of Porto has lower crime levels than Lisbon, according to PORDATA.


Portugal is known for having good weather, with many sunny days and a mild winter. However, Porto, located further north, is usually colder and rainier. For those who like the beach and warmth, Lisbon may be a more suitable option. It is also perfect for surfers. Close to the capital is Ericeira and Carcavelos, where the Rip Curl Pro takes place. An hour and a half away is Nazaré, very famous for having some of the strongest waves in the world.

Cost of Living

Although Porto is a smaller and less crowded city than Lisbon, its cost of living is not much lower than that of its competitor. Still, Porto is a cheaper destination than Lisbon. According to Numbeo.com, living in Porto can cost about 10% less than in the capital.


The inhabitants of Porto are very welcoming and kind. The north has a very family atmosphere and will probably treat you in a less impersonal way. It is also a small city, where everything will be just a few minutes away.
Lisbon is a bigger city, with more than twice the population of Porto. Cosmopolitan, it has a more accelerated lifestyle. It has a very international environment and a busy nightlife, frequented by different tribes. It is home to major events of the tech world, such as the Web Summit. Ideal for those who like excitement.
Both are very touristic cities, which had many historical areas revitalized recently and with good supply of cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

Porto and Lisbon: Where to Look for Accommodation

Many nomads use Airbnb or Agoda to find accommodation, but there are other sites to try. Flatio brings together various flats and rooms for medium term rent, ideal for remote workers. TrustedHouseSitters offers free accommodation in exchange for petsitting or housesitting while the owners are away. If you’re determined to spend a longer period in the country, looking for a real estate agent may also be a good option. ERA, Indoors e i-Wish have flats for rent in all neighbourhoods (or freguesias, as they are called) in Lisbon and Porto.

Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Lisbon

Ukio: provides carefully chosen and fully furnished flats for monthly stays in Lisbon, offering a fully digital user experience from search to check out.
Outsite Lisbon: a living space for digital nomads in Cais do Sodré, with 25 rooms, with a shared kitchen every five rooms, and there is also a coworking space on the ground floor.
Home Lisbon Hotel: hostel with a great location near Baixa/Chiado and a co-working space that guests can use for free.
Hoodpicker: this is a tool that helps its users find the best neighbourhood to live in, filtering by their lifestyle preferences and budget.

Coworking Spaces in Porto

Porto i/o: with offices in the centre, on the river or seafront, free beer, kitchen, poofs and the option of bringing your dog or cat to work.
CRU Creative Work: located in the middle of the art district, offers offices and audio and photography studios. It also hosts a range of events, such as exhibitions and lectures.
Synergy Coworking:Ideal for working, relaxing and networking. It offers high-speed Wi-Fi, a yoga studio, regular events and mentoring.

Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

There are at least 25 cool and affordable coworking spaces in Lisbon. Check out some suggestions:
Second Home: one of the most enviable places to work, with lots of light and decorated with plants to increase the feeling of inspiration and privacy. It is a cultural space for entrepreneurs, innovators and social impact organizations, with a variety of payment packages that bring benefits such as cultural programs and wellness activities.
Heden: a popular co-working space. The flexible tables are really spacious, with plenty of room to spread out. There is a small lounge area with comfortable sofas and books, ideal for screen breaks. Tea, coffee and fresh fruit are included.
Impact Hub: features a sunny workspace full of natural light and a large kitchen. It hosts a range of community events for members, including film screenings, networking drinks and wellbeing activities such as yoga.
IDEIAhub – It not only has coworking tables, but also private offices and meeting rooms available for rent. It also organises regular events for members, such as social lunches and skill workshops. It has a strong social vibe due to the fact that it is a permanent office for many startups.

What is the best city for remote work?

If you like Portugal, but Lisbon is too expensive and populated for you, Porto is your place. The city is small and fairly easy to navigate, yet with good service offerings.It is suitable for digital nomads looking for a short term place to stay before heading to another city to explore.
For those who want to experience the digital nomad lifestyle in a bustling and cosmopolitan city, but are not yet ready to fly to a far or very populated corner, Lisbon is a great place to start. It’s well connected with the rest of Europe and in a convenient time zone to do business with other countries, such as the US. A great option to be your first destination or your tenth. .



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