Accommodation without bureaucracy in Portugal: meet Uniplaces

30 de August, 2022

Accommodation without bureaucracy in Portugal: meet Uniplaces

Uniplaces is an online platform for finding accommodation in Portugal without bureaucracy, as it does not require guarantors and proof of income.
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For those who are planning to move to a new country, the choice of accommodation is a very important part of the journey. The new housing will have a big influence on the quality of the experience at the chosen destination. And since the search usually takes place in a place we don’t know very well, this task can be a bit laborious. Either because of the bureaucratic paperwork required to sign contracts, or because of the difficulty in finding and furnishing the new home. With this in mind, there are solutions on the market that aim to make this stage of the move much simpler, faster, and safer. In this article we will explain how Uniplaces works. It is a a reliable and popular accommodation platform, which can be an excellent alternative for those who are moving to Portugal. It is ideal for finding your first address in the country in a practical way and obtaining the necessary certificates for visa issues, as we will explain below.

What is Uniplaces?

Uniplaces is an online platform for mediating medium and long-term property rentals. Founded in 2013 in Portugal, it aims to facilitate the search for accommodation in a new destination. It has thousands of registered and verified properties. It also works as a great option for those who are looking to rent their property (be it a spare room or an entire house), since it offers a series of guarantees to its owner.

Initially aimed at students, today it covers a more diversified public: young workers, digital nomads, travelers or families. Although it is a company with Portuguese DNA (opened in Lisbon), Uniplaces Uniplaces currently operates in more than 40 cities worldwide. Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra are on that list.

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What is Uniresidences?

Uniresidences is a segment of Uniplaces aimed exclusively at the student public. One of the differentials of Uniresidences refers to the location of the lodgings. They are always inside urban centers and closer to the universities.

Learn how to obtain a Student Visa in Portugal

How does Uniplaces work?

For those looking for accommodation, the navigation system is very intuitive. Just indicate the city where you intend to live, apply the desired filters, and make your choice. The process is similar to that of tourist accommodation platforms, but in this case it is geared toward the needs of longer stays. You can indicate which services you will need, such as internet and even cleaning services included. There are also options for those who intend to take their pet with them. In addition, the platform offers a variety of payment methods.

Decorated room in Uniplaces Accommodation

What is the biggest advantage of using a hosting platform?

The advantages are many, among them we highlight:

Waiver of local guarantor and proof of income

In Portugal, most property owners require the tenant to have a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who guarantees the payment of a debt, in case the main debtor does not pay the creditor. Usually the guarantor is a relative or someone close to the person renting the property. The problem is that when we move to a new country, we usually don’t know anyone who can or wants to take on this responsibility. And usually a guarantor is required who is a local resident. With Uniplaces there is no such problem. The same goes for proof of rent, which is not necessary with Uniplaces.

Dispenses with selection processes and in-person visits

The choice can be made completely remotely and does not require evaluations and interviews with the property owners. The person interested in renting just needs to make a choice, fill in his or her details, and complete the process, just like choosing a hotel.

Homeowner protection

Advertising on Uniplaces is free. The platform only charges a commission proportional to the tenant’s stay. The Uniplaces commission is deducted from the first month’s rent. Payment is released approximately 48 hours after the tenant’s move-in date. The procedure is simple, eliminating the need for visits and annoying phone calls.

In addition, Uniplaces offers a guarantee to protect landlords from tenants who need to leave before the agreed move-out date. In this case, the platform covers the full amount of the rent until the end of the first tenant’s contract, up to a maximum stay of 1 year.

Accommodation Certificate

If you need an official document to apply for a residence visa in Portugal, and prove that you booked with Uniplaces, the platform can provide you with a prepaid accommodation certificate.

Security in choice

The rent is only transferred to the landlord 24 hours after the tenant has moved out. This provides more security for the renter, as it will be possible to confirm that everything is okay with the property. If the property does not match the listing, you can report the problem and have the payment frozen.

Variety of options

On a single platform you can find several types of properties. The offers include authentic photos, videos of verified places, search by price, property type, features, and house rules.

Comprehensive coverage included in the service fee

The service fee includes no guarantor required, multilingual support staff, site verification, and official prepaid accommodation certificate.

Curiosities about Uniplaces

Uniplaces is present in over 40 cities worldwide. Besides Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto, it operates in Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, among others.

In Portugal, the average length of stay is 4.9 months and almost 90% of its tenants are international students.

Worldwide, the most representative nationality is Brazilian (14%), followed by Italian (9%), Spanish (8%), Portuguese (8%), and French (8%). Globally, professionals represent 29% of tenants.

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