Holidays in Portugal 2024: Bridges and Extended Weekends

4 de January, 2024

Holidays in Portugal 2024: Bridges and Extended Weekends

Planning your vacation? Discover here the holidays in Portugal in 2024 and take advantage of the bridges and extended weekends to stretch your relaxation!
Calendar with holidays in Portugal in 2024
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Starting the year, are you already thinking about your vacations? In this case, it’s essential to know the holidays in Portugal in 2024 that you can take advantage of. Here, we help you organize this schedule. Typically, each worker is entitled to 22 working days of vacation. However, with holidays, bridges, and extended weekends, you can maximize your rest time.

In 2024, Portugal will have 13 mandatory holidays, allowing for four extended weekends and three bridges. If possible, take advantage of these Portugal holidays. They are a great opportunity to extend your weekends throughout the new year and better plan your vacation trips. The first opportunity comes with April 25th, which falls on a Thursday this year. Below, see other opportunities.

How many holidays are there in Portugal this year?

In Portugal, 2024 reserves 13 mandatory holidays, offering the chance to create four extended weekends and take advantage of three bridges. By combining these dates with your vacations, you can maximize your rest throughout the year.

How about exploring the city of Porto on one of these holidays? We have a complete itinerary and hotel suggestions here.

Portugal’s Holidays in 2024

The mandatory holidays in Portugal include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Freedom Day, Labor Day, Corpus Christi, Portugal Day, Assumption of Our Lady, Republic Day, All Saints’ Day, Restoration of Independence, Immaculate Conception, and Christmas.

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Portuguese national holidays and weekdays in 2024

New Year’s Day – January 1st – Monday

Good Friday – March 29th – Friday

Easter – March 31st – Sunday

Freedom Day – April 25th – Thursday

Labor Day – May 1st – Wednesday

Corpus Christi – May 30th – Thursday

Portugal Day – June 10th – Monday

Assumption of Our Lady – August 15th – Thursday

Republic Day – October 5th – Saturday

All Saints’ Day – November 1st – Friday

Restoration of Independence – December 1st – Sunday

Immaculate Conception – December 8th – Sunday

Christmas – December 25th – Wednesday

Portugal’s Municipal Holidays

In addition to these, there are municipal holidays that vary according to the locality and region of the country. The most popular dates are:

St. Anthony – June 13th – Thursday

St. John – June 24th – Monday

St. Peter – June 29th – Saturday

And we also have Carnival (February 13th – Tuesday), which although not mandatory, is enjoyed by many Portuguese workers.

If you live in Portugal with children and want to coordinate your vacations with them, pay attention to the school calendar.

How are vacations calculated in Portugal?

Before planning trips, taking advantage of long weekends, it’s good to remember how vacations are calculated in Portugal. According to the Portuguese Labor Code, each worker is entitled to a period of 22 working days of vacation for each complete year of work. These days can be taken throughout the calendar year, as long as they are agreed upon with the employer.

In the year of admission, the worker is entitled to 2 working days of vacation for each complete month of work (up to 20 days), which can only be taken after 6 complete months of work. In the years following the hiring year, on January 1st, the worker is entitled to 22 working days of vacation, which can be taken until April 30th of the following year.

In the case of contract termination, the total number of vacation days to which the worker is entitled for the total duration of the contract should be calculated, deducting the total number of vacation days already taken.

Is Carnival considered a public holiday in Portugal?

The current Portuguese Labor Code (Law 7/2009, February 12) does not recognize Carnival Tuesday as a mandatory public holiday. Unlike many Brazilian cities where school and business activities are suspended, in Portugal, this date does not affect the regular routine.

However, the Government grants a day off (tolerância de ponto) on this day for workers in certain public functions within the state.

How to take advantage of holidays to extend weekends?

January: Start the year with an extended weekend celebrating New Year’s.

March: With Good Friday and Easter close, it’s possible to ensure three consecutive days off.

April: Freedom Day, April 25th (Thursday), allows for another bridge to an extended weekend.

May: Combine Labor Day with April 25th for an extended break of 11 days, using only five vacation days.

June: June 10th, Day of Camões and Portuguese Communities, is celebrated on a Monday. June 13th, a municipal holiday in Lisbon, and June 24th, St. John’s Day, are both on weekdays. June 29th, St. Peter’s Day, is celebrated in Évora, for example. Therefore, depending on where you are, enjoy up to nine days of rest, using only three vacation days.

August: Take advantage of the Assumption of Our Lady for a long weekend. It’s the only holiday in August, falling on a Thursday.

October: Republic Day, October 5th, falls on a Saturday this year.

November: All Saints’ Day, November 1st (Friday), allows for extending the weekend.

December: Finally, close the year with the opportunity for eight consecutive days of rest, using only four vacation days. December 1st, Restoration of Independence, and December 8th, Immaculate Conception, both fall on a Sunday. Christmas, on December 25th, is on a Wednesday.

Now that you know the holiday calendar for 2024 in Portugal, plan your breaks to maximize your rest time and explore various opportunities throughout the year! If you live in another country but want to move to Portugal, discover all the types of visas available in the country and plan your move with Atlantic Bridge. Contact us!

Silvia Resende


Silvia Resende

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