Portugal Considered a Paradise for Remote Working

15 de February, 2022

Portugal Considered a Paradise for Remote Working

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The pandemic changed many things in the way we live. One of them was the way we work. Although remote working was already growing worldwide, the pandemic was the main responsible for accelerating this trend. For a long time remote work was restricted to specific areas such as IT, today it is already possible to perform a number of activities online from anywhere in the world.

The time we spent in confinement has shown us that telecommuting is not only possible, but it can also be an beneficial option for companies and employees. This paradigm shift was the impetus that was missing for many people to decide to realize the dream of living in another country without changing jobs.

Where to work remotely?
According to a study conducted by travel website Momondo Portugal is the best country in the world to combine remote work and travel. The survey compared 111 countries, using 22 factors divided into 6 categories: remote working conditions, health and safety, social life, living costs, cost of travel and accessibility and also the climate. Portugal scored high in all categories, with emphasis on health, safety and social life.

Also on the Nomad Listsocial network for digital nomads, Portugal stands out among the best destinations for working remotely. Lisbon, Porto, Madeira and Ericeira appear among the addresses preferred by users.

Why work in Portugal?
Besides being the land of excellent wines and good food; having stunning landscapes, having a pleasant climate, with sun and sea, there are other reasons why Portugal is the ideal place for digital nomads.

The cost of living in Portugal is not high
Portugal is not as cheap as it used to be, but it still has very inviting prices compared to other countries in the world. Renting a comfortable 2 bedroom flat in the centre of Lisbon, the most expensive city in the country, can cost around a thousand euros. But there are cheaper options in other parts of the country, as we keep mentioning.

Learn more about the cost of living in Portugal compared to the USA

The Portuguese speak English
Portugal is the 7th most proficient country in the world in English
according to the ranking “EF English Proficiency Index“which analysed data from 2 million non-native English speakers in 112 countries and regions around the world. Something extremely attractive for those who do not master the local language.

It is more attractive to move to Portugal
The Portuguese government has been taking some measures to make emigration more attractive for foreign workers. One such incentive is the Non-Habitual Fiscal Residence (NHR), which gives tax benefits to new residents for the first ten years of living in Portugal. Expatriates can also benefit from alternative tax regimes such as the Simplified Regime.

Find out more about the Non-habitual resident tax regime

And there is no shortage of Visa options to live in Portugal…
For those who are not from the EU, but would like to live and work remotely in Portugal there are different alternatives. One of them is the D7 Visa, created for those who have their own income. Or for those who would like to develop their business or practice their profession in the country it is also possible to apply for the Entrepreneur Visa or for the Exercise of Autonomous Activity (D2), or the Visa for Qualified Professionals (D3).

Learn more about the Visa for Income Holders (D7)
Learn more about the Qualified Professional Visa (D3)

Portugal has a large expatriate community
You will find many other foreigners living in the country. Portugal’s popularity as a destination for digital nomads can also be seen on the social network Nomad List. The site brings together the best destinations in the world to live, work and travel as a remote worker. It also brings the evaluations of the users themselves, divided into categories. Among the first places on the list, it is possible to find several Portuguese cities. Lisbon, for example, is the first in the ranking. Porto appears in 4th place.

Nomad Village in Madeira
Some regions in Portugal are already starting to invest in this public, as is the case of Ponta do Sol on Madeira Island, home to Europe’s first digital nomad village, the Digital Nomad Village. The pilot project, led by Startup Madeira, has the support of the regional government, and even has a space with free workstations (tables, chairs and quality internet). So far over two thousand people have already shown interest in working online directly from this paradise, which has already been voted “Best Tourist Island Destination” in the world by the World Travel Awards. Not bad for the address of your next office.

It doesn’t matter the city you choose. If you also want to work remotely directly from Portugal, talk to Atlantic Bridge. Our consultants help you to find a viable, legal and safe way to realize this dream.

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Silvia Resende
Silvinha is a journalist at Atlantic Bridge. From Bahia, she arrived in Portugal in 2015 to build a new life with her family. She has a degree in Communication from UFBa, in Brazil, and a Master’s in Communication Sciences from Porto University. She has worked as a TV presenter, reporter, event producer, public relations and tour guide in Porto. She loves travelling and discovering the cultural heritage of each place she visits. She is mother of Malu, 8 years old, and thinks that Porto is the ideal place to raise a child.



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