Countdown: Obtain Spanish Citizenship (Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren)

1 de December, 2023

Countdown: Obtain Spanish Citizenship (Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren)

Are you familiar with the Law of Democratic Memory? It simplifies access to Spanish citizenship for grandchildren, waiving the requirement of residing in Spain.
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Are you the grandchild of a Spaniard and interested in applying for Spanish citizenship? Have you heard about the Democratic Memorial Law, also known as the Grandchildren’s Law ? This new legislation, passed in October 2022, simplifies the process of obtaining Spanish Citizenship for grandchildren (and even great-grandchildren) of Spaniards by waiving the requirement to live in Spain for at least 1 year.

What is Spain’s Democratic Memory Law?

However, what many people don’t know is that the validity of this law expires soon.

In short, the Democratic Memory Law allows the following individuals to apply for Spanish nationality:

  • People born outside of Spain of a father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, originally Spanish;
  • Children or grandchildren of Spaniards who lost or renounced their nationality due to exile motivated by political, ideological, identity, or sexual orientation issues, during the period from 1936 to 1978;
  • Children of Spanish women who have lost their nationality due to marriage to a foreign citizen;
  • Children (of legal age) of Spanish citizens whose original nationality is not recognized according to legal provisions;
  • Adult children of Spaniards whose nationality of origin has been recognized by virtue of the right of option under the Historical Memory Law (Seventh Additional Provision of Law 52/2007 of December 26);
  • Volunteers (and their descendants) who were members of the International Brigades (brigadistas), who participated in the War from 1936 to 1939. In this case, they can acquire Spanish nationality through a naturalization certificate.

Not sure if you fit into any of the above scenarios? Talk to Atlantic Bridge consultants and find out if you can apply for Spanish citizenship!

When Does the Democratic Memorial Act Expire?

It is important to note that the “Lei da Memória Democrática” has a period of validity.

It expires on October 21, 2024. Therefore, it is essential to file nationality applications under this legislation before this date to ensure the benefits offered.

Do you want to live in Europe?

Realizing your goal of living in Europe or obtaining European citizenship can be simpler than you think. We offer personalized support to make the immigration process more accessible and uncomplicated.

Citizenship for Spanish Great-Grandchildren in 2024

Similar to the citizenship process for Portuguese great-grandchildren, Spanish nationality laws do not directly grant citizenship to great-grandchildren of Spanish citizens (skipping two generations), unlike what is provided for children or grandchildren. For a great-grandchild to obtain Spanish nationality, it’s necessary for a direct ancestor to acquire it first in order to pass it on subsequently to the great-grandchild.

However, under the current Memory Democratic Law, it’s now possible for a two-generation request to be made simultaneously. In other words: the great-grandchild and the living ancestor (parent or grandparent) can apply for citizenship together, provided they reside in the same consular region, expediting the processing of applications.

Note: Applicants for citizenship must be alive! It’s not possible to request citizenship for a deceased relative!

Advantages of having Spanish Citizenship?

Having dual citizenship and a European passport offers numerous advantages. It allows you to travel visa-free to the United States and over 190 other countries, in addition to the opportunity to live and work in any European Union country.

Furthermore, should you decide to reside in Europe you gain access to Europe’s efficient healthcare and public education systems, as well as the possibility to access bank financing at lower interest rates.

Above all, having a European passport means much more freedom and greater opportunities for you and your entire family.

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